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At our cat rescue, we understand that sometimes people need assistance in rehoming their cats. Our team is here to help. We have a clear set of intake policies and procedures to ensure a smooth transition for both cats and their owners. If you have a cat, kitten, or litter of kittens that you need help rehoming, please read about our intake policies and procedures.

Adult Cat Relinquish >1 year old

If you have an adult cat that needs a new home, please contact us for more information. Our team of dedicated volunteers will work with you to assess the cat and determine if it's a good fit for our program.  All cats must be healthy and friendly in order to be accepted into our program. We understand that sometimes circumstances arise and leaving your cat with us is the best option.

Friendly, indoor cats who are already spayed and neutered take precedence over other adult cat intake requests. 

Juvenile Cat Relinquish - 4 months - 1 year

At our cat rescue, we offer juvenile relinquish services for cats between 4 months and a year of age. As with adult cats, juvenile cats must be friendly and otherwise healthy. In order to begin the adoption process, all cats must have two sets of vaccines. Any vaccines that they can receive before entering our care or any contribution towards their medical needs is greatly appreciated.

Kittens <4 months

We take great measures to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our cats, as we understand that in a shelter environment, disease is common. Upper respiratory infections, intestinal parasites, and viruses have the opportunity to run rampant if not kept in check. This puts young kittens at risk when coming into our program. Because of this, we have created a unique protocol to intake litters of kittens. 

Individuals wanting to relinquish 2 or more kittens are asked to keep the kittens in a safe environment where they can be handled frequently. We will come to your location and administer their first vaccine as well as flea prevention and dewormer as well as continue to monitor their progress while in your care.

Because kittens have to weigh 3 lbs before they can be spayed or neutered and receive their rabies vaccine, you are asked to keep them safe until that time (around 10 weeks of age). 

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