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Why should you adopt the unadoptable?

        Feral cats, cats with spraying issues, and even friendlies that refuse to live inside need to be relocated occasionally to farms if their outdoor home is no longer suitable. What happens if barn owners don’t adopt? These cats either get euthanized or live in cages waiting, for YEARS, to find a new outdoor home.

These cats have lived outside their entire lives, roaming free. Their home was their territory outdoors. But even cats who call the outdoor world ‘home’ can become homeless when humans start building roads and houses. Or when property owners demand their removal.

You will not only save their lives, but you will be adopting cats that are used to being outside, may not even LIKE humans, and prefer the company of other cats. A working cat is a cat that is there to perform a job, such as pest control, and are not necessarily meant to be pets. Some of our available working cats are friendly to pet or are feeder friendly, while some will likely never let you pet them.



Consider adopting two cats from the same to colony to increase their chances of staying within their boundries. 



How to care for your working cats

  1. Barn cats need care too!

  2. Barn cats need to be fed daily.

  3. Provide your barn cats with water.

  4. Do not leave food out overnight

  5. Deworm your barn cats regularly

  6. Rabies vaccinations are necessary

  7. Provide emergency veterinary care

  8. Confine your barn cats at night!

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How to acclimate your barn cat to their new home

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